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How to Keep Your Cat from Getting Bored This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner! As we plan vacations and unpack our summer wardrobe, let’s not forget about our fur babies. Cats don’t always get to come on vacations, and indoor cats won’t be able to play outside and soak up the sun. According to the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, “Keeping your cat as a house cat will help keep them away from busy roads, but some indoor environments can become predictable and boring, leading to stress, inactivity and obesity.However, with a little planning, we can make sure they have lots of fun, too. 

Read on to discover 5 fun ways to keep your cat from getting bored this summer.

Buried Treasure

It’s not just for pirates! To create a stimulating game for your cat, fill a cardboard box two-thirds full of smooth stones, grass, leaves, and rocks. Bury kitty treats or favourite toys inside so your cat can dig for them. Because cats are foragers by nature, they tend to love this game! This will definitely help keep your cat from getting bored.

Clicker Training

This training teaches cat to perform certain behaviours in order to be rewarded with a clicking sound and then food. Cat behaviour expert Pam Johnson-Bennett explains, “A clicker makes a cricket-type sound and once the cat makes the association that the sound means a food reward will follow, you can use the clicker to ‘mark’ positive behaviors. The clicker becomes the bridge between a behavior and the reward.” Read her how-to article to learn how to do clicker training with your cat.


Once your cat has successfully gone through clicker training, you can move on to more exciting goals. Believe it or not, cats can learn to skateboard! If your cat is young and active, he will probably love skateboarding. If you’re ready to give this a try, here’s what cat expert Ingrid Johnson recommends

-Place the skateboard on a carpet, and ask your cat to step onto it. When he does, use the clicker or a treat to reward him.

-With your cat still on the skateboard, ask him to follow a simple command. Then, reward him with a treat or click. Repeat a few times.

-Next, adjust the board so that two wheels are on a smooth surface. Move the skateboard a few inches, always moving slowly.

-When he seems comfortable with that, slowly move the entire skateboard onto a smooth surface. Keep your hand or foot under the board to stabilize it.

-Finally, gently push the board so that he can ride across the floor.

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Water Sports

If you want to keep your cat from getting bored but aren’t quite ready to try skateboarding yet, why not set up a water activity? You can fill a bathtub or large sink with cool water. Next, place some floating toys or ping pong balls inside for your kitty to play with. Don’t forget to lay down some old towels in case she splashes water.

Hide and Seek

Cats always love to have their own hiding spots. These quiet places allow them to retreat from the world and have a little peace and quiet. Especially if you have a busy household, they can help lower your cat’s stress levels. One simple idea is a cat tunnel. You can purchase a fabric cat tunnel or make a DIY cat tunnel from paper bags. Or, you can cut a cat-sized hole in a large cardboard box, turn it on its side, and place a towel inside. Your cat will love having a private getaway!

With these fun ideas, you’ll be able to keep your cat happy and busy this summer! 

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