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How to Protect your Outdoor Cat from Predators

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Let’s face it. Outdoor cats are never 100% safe.

If you have an outdoor cat, protecting it from predators such as foxes, coyotes, and other animals that may threaten its safety is crucial.

We've compiled some tips to help you keep your outdoor or feral cat safe from harm.

1. Keep your cat indoors at night

One of the ways to keep your outdoor cat safe from predators is to keep it indoors through the night.


Because many predators, such as coyotes and foxes, are most active at night, your cat will be more vulnerable.

Keeping your cat indoors at night significantly reduces the risk of a predator attack.

2. Install outdoor lighting

Another way to help protect your feral cat from predators is to install outdoor lighting.

With bright lights outside, predators are less likely to approach your home. Consider installing motion-activated lights to prevent predators from coming near your home.

3. Make use of physical barriers

Physical barriers can also be effective in keeping predators away from your cat. For example, you can install a fence around your home to prevent access by predators.

You can also create an enclosed outdoor space that allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors while being safe from predators.

4. Use scent deterrents

Predators like coyotes and foxes rely heavily on their sense of smell to hunt. To counter that, you can use scent deterrents to keep them away.

For example, you can sprinkle coyote or fox urine around the perimeter of your home to help keep the predators from coming near your home.

5. Keep your cat well-fed and hydrated

A well-fed and hydrated cat is less likely to venture far from your home in search of food or water, which reduces its risk of encountering predators. Thus, ensure your cat can access plenty of food and fresh water to keep it healthy and content.

6. Train your cat to be wary of predators

While you can't directly communicate with your cat, you can train it to be cautious of predators. For example, you can use a water-filled spray bottle to spray your cat when it gets too close to a predator, which can help teach it to avoid them and stay safe.

7. Keep your property clean and tidy

Predators are attracted to areas with many hiding spots, including debris and tall grass. You can reduce the risk of predators hiding around your home or property by keeping it clean and tidy. So, keep your lawn mowed, remove clutter or debris, and trim overgrown bushes or trees.

Bottom Line

Protecting your outdoor cat from predators is essential for its safety. Following these tips above, you can help keep your feral cat safe from harm and enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor cat without worrying about its safety and well-being.

When it comes to protecting your cat from predators, prevention is critical, so it’s always to take the necessary steps to keep your cat safe and happy.

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