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​DIY Cat-Friendly Christmas Crafts

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The holiday season is here with us, and what better way to celebrate than by involving our feline friends in the festive fun?

As the year closes in, how about embarking on a creative journey with our cats to craft some delightful DIY Christmas decorations that are safe and entertaining for our curious companions?

This blog post explores step-by-step instructions to help you craft three cat-friendly Christmas projects. Such crafts will not only make adorable decorations but can also serve as fantastic toys for your cat.

1. Felted Catnip Ornaments

What you need:

  • Varied felt sheets in Christmas colors.
  • Catnip
  • Needle and thread

Steps to follow:

  • 1.Cut out simple shapes from the felt sheets such as Christmas trees, stars, gingerbread men, etc.
  • 2.Sew together two identical shapes around the edges, leaving a small opening.
  • 3.Fill the ornament with catnip and close the opening.
  • 4.Attach a string or ribbon and hang on the tree at a reachable height for your cat to enjoy some interactive play.

2. DIY Catnip Sock Snowmen

What you need:

  • Old socks
  • Stuffing
  • Catnip
  • Buttons for decoration
  • Rubber bands
  • Small holiday accessories (tiny scarves & hats)

Steps to follow:

  • 1.Fill a clean sock with rice or stuffing, leaving enough room at the top.
  • 2.Add catnip to the filling for extra feline excitement.
  • 3.Tie off the sock using twine or rubber band.
  • 4.Repeat the step using more socks to create a stack of three snowball shapes.
  • 5.Get creative and decorate your snowman using buttons.
  • 6.Place the small accessories like a scarf or hat around the neck of your sock snowman.

3. Feathered Candy Cane Wand

What you need:

  • Dowel or sturdy stick
  • Red and white pipe cleaners
  • Feathers
  • String or ribbon
  • Bell (optional)

Steps to follow:

  • 1.Bundle together red and white pipe cleaners, twisting them around the dowel or a sturdy stick to create a candy cane pattern.
  • 2.Attach the feathers to the top of the candy cane to make a playful, engaging and enticing wand that you can wave gently for your cat.
  • 3.Tie a string or a ribbon around the base of the feathers.
  • 4.If required, attach a small bell to the end of the wand for an extra acoustic element.

Bottom Line

By combining these easy and safe DIY Christmas crafts into your holiday festivities, you not only create festive decorations for your home but also provide your cat with entertaining and stimulating activities. You get to enjoy a season of joy and creativity with your feline friend!

Remember, it’s essential to use pet-safe materials and to supervise your cat during playtime. 

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