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Ten Life Hacks for Feral Cat Owners

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For cat lovers, owning a cat is one of the nicest feeling ever. But let’s be real, it isn’t a walk in the park. No one prepares you to be a responsible, loving and committed cat owner. You just learn, and rise to the occasion day by day until you become a pro. Yet, to become a pro, you have to exercise some patience, leverage your creativity and improvise on the different aspects and challenges of caring for your cat.

To make such experiences much more convenient, we’ve compiled a list of several life hacks that will change how you and your cat co-exist leaving you both – happy.

1. Grow your own catnip

It’s no secret that cats love catnip, which is safe for them anyway. Rather than buy a catnip from the store grow your own catnip. At the same time, grow cat grass which also is a cat favorite. This will help save you some bucks.

2. Get your cat microchipped

With your feral cats on the roam, have yours microchipped. Knowing that your cat carries identification and your contact information will save you restless nights in case they get lost in their journeys. A microchip offers a better chance of finding and reuniting with your cat in case it gets lost.

3. Keep cords covered

Cats are curious creatures and have been found to like chewing power cords. Whether indoors or at your backyard, cover your power cords to protect your cats from the risk electric shock and possible fire disaster.

4. Use vinegar or baking soda to clean up cat accidents

Should your cat get into trouble and make a mess where he/she shouldn't, use safe, home-made solutions such as vinegar to clean up.

5. Use green tea to reduce litter box odor

Add or sprinkle some green tea leaves into your indoor cat's litter box. This helps stop bacterial growth and prevents excessive noisome odor.

6. Make plants off-limits

Cats love playing around cat-friendly plants. In the process, they may harm the plant or soil themselves. Try placing pinecones around the base of such plants to stop such behaviour.

7. Ending selective feeding

If your cat is picky about food, the problem might not necessarily be the food, but rather the feeding bowl. Find suitable and appealing feeding bowls that cats prefer. If you have multiple cats may need to invest in large feeding stations where they can feed stress-free.

8. Create a toy and scratching post

Instead of buying toys, make use of what you have at home. Use shoeboxes, toilet paper tubes, cardboard, etc. to make cat toys. For scratching posts, you can use sisal rope, hard cotton, boards, or cartons. This will save your outdoor furniture from your cat’s claws and save you money.

9. Create a climbing space

Create a climbing wall using boards or instead, place a climbing surface somewhere where they can ascend and relax. You can also check out ourcat houses which provide such platforms.

10. Make time for your cat

Putting some extra effort into bonding with your cat will keep them pleased to be your pet. Regular playtime and good conversations are proven ways to build trust, communication and to learn how your cat expresses himself.

Finally, living with cats is fun but can also be demanding. Hopefully, a few of these tips can help you along the way to becoming a successful cat owner.

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