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Top 7 Ways to Show Your Cats You Love Them

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Curious about ways to express love to your fur baby? We've all been there! Cats are wonderful pets. They can be a lifelong companion - the more reason you need to show them love every day. If you're wondering how to show affection to your cat, we've outlined the best tips to show love to your kitty.

1. Give your Cat Special Attention

While cats crave attention, they need the right, special attention that appeals to them. Many feral cats fear people and don’t want to be touched, others grow used to your presence over time and want attention from you. From hugging them, cuddling, massaging, and rubs sitting to spend quality time with them, there are numerous ways to give your cat attention, depending on their likes and character. Giving your cat personalized attention shows your cat how much you love them, and they, in turn, reciprocate it.

2. Learn Cat Communication

Learning and understanding how your cat communicates either by sounds or body language spark affection to a cat. It tells you how kitty feels or what they may be thinking about helping you suitably respond to their needs.

3. Train and Play with Your Cat

Along with giving them attention, training and playing with your feline means you can both interact and enjoy quality time. Interactive games as well as training sessions will pull both of you towards each other growing the bond you share. Besides, an active cat is a happy cat! Be sure to engage in the kind of games and training that they find interesting. Most cats – especially feral cats – don’t take well to being told what to do.

4. Give Your Cat Treats

It seems obvious enough, but it's worth stating that treats are one way to express love to your cat. While there are various treats with varied tastes, find healthy treats that your cat loves. Ideally, the treats should be tiny and savory.

5. Help Groom Your Cat 

No matter how often you spot your cat self-grooming, you also need to join in and groom them. Brushing or combing your cat's fur goes a long way in keeping the fur clean, neat, and free from fur balls. They also get to enjoy the massage-like feeling as well as sharing bonding time with you.

6. Appropriate Introductions

Cats are habitual creatures. Work on proper introductions that will make your cat familiar with changes in your home, such as new pets and visitors. Your cat will love and embrace new pets as part of the family and see visitors as more opportunities for attention and treats.

7. Grow or Provide Catnip

If there's one thing that cats dearly love its catnip. Catnip is a harmless herb that positively stimulates cats. Not only will catnip leave your cat rolling on the floor with their legs straight up and yowling in excitement, it will make them appreciate and love you more. Sprinkling catnip inside their favorite toys or accessories also encourages cat playtime enrichment.

Showing your cat that you love and adore them is the bedrock to a lifelong bond between both of you. While expressing love can take a lot of different forms apart from the ones listed above, the real work lies in making sure your cat knows that you care. Just identify what makes your cat feel loved and happy, and you'll reach their heart.

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