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7 Tips for First-time Feral Cat Owners

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Let’s just admit it, deciding to welcome a feral cat is supposed to be all fun and exciting for most people. And it definitely is! Cats not only make excellent pets but also great companions.

Nevertheless, as much as cat ownership might seem easy on the eye, there’s more to owning a cat. Anyone who  owns a cat will tell you how demanding the task is but with powerful benefits it brings if effected correctly.

As you take your first step into cat ownership, here are some expert tips on how to best prepare before adding a feral cat to the family.

1. Cat Environment

Before accepting a feral cat as your own, reflect on the kind of environment the cat will live in. How a cat will fit in your lifestyle is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. Take precautions with other pets as well as small children. Also, remember that although cats are highly autonomous by nature, they can be stressed by new environments. So be careful not to force your feral cat into the home if it’s determined to be an outside only cat. Instead, watch and take care of them as they get comfortable in their new surroundings.

2. See a Vet

You may need to purchase a live trap to get your feral cat the vet, but their health is worth the expense. Take them to a vet for health check-ups and vaccinations. What’s more, you can have them neutered or spayed which helps control certain infections and the feral population while promoting good animal behaviour. That said, vet visits can prove to be essential to the health of your feral cat and visits help you and your cat become familiar with the vet and his/her care practices.

3. Food

Ideally, ensure that your cat is well-fed and healthy. After all, isn’t nutritious food a foundation for good health? Feed with high-quality nutritional food and water while controlling their weight and preventing overfeeding and obesity. Also, keep away unhealthy food and foods that may spell danger to the cat’s health.

4. Pet Proofing

Allowing a cat to have access to some or all of your home is akin to welcoming home a new infant. Both are curious and lack the knowledge to know what is safe or unsafe for them to put in their mouths or play with. Consequently, keenly look around for all possible cat hazards.

5. Get Plenty of Toys

Cats love playing so it’s only fair that you get them a variety of toys to keep them happy. Have enough toys to keep your cat engaged, vigorous, and entertained. Even outdoor cats like toys!

6. Parasite Control

To guard your home as well as your cat from the inception of parasite infestation, plan or have a suitable parasite control program. Your vet can help you with this.

7. Outdoor Essentials for the Feral Cat

Items such as feeding stationsheating pads, and shelters make your feral cat’s life in the great outdoors much more comfortable and enjoyable. Each of these must be chosen carefully for quality and durability, but they must also be visually pleasing and fit into the aesthetic that you are trying to create in your yard.

To sum up, being a first-time feral cat owner can be challenging. Just love them unconditionally, give them attention and care, and follow these tips and others from the Outdoor Pet Houses blog for a perfect and lifelong cat-human relationship.

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