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Don’t Do These Seven Things to Your Cat

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As a cat owner, it's pretty easy to talk about the things you need to do to have your kitty happy and fulfilled and do them. And of course, we end up doing them quite well. But what about the things you should stop doing to benefit your cat?

If you're trying to be a responsible and better cat owner, stop doing these seven things, and you'll be on your way there.

1. Overfeeding Your Cat

If there's one thing that cat owners get wrong—it's overfeeding. No matter how fun it is, strictly feed what is enough for your cat and not more! Overfeeding your cat will quickly cause them to be obese or overweight, which increases the risk of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and even death. If you aren't already monitoring your kitty's feeding habits, now's the time to get serious about monitoring their intake of food.

2. Feeding Your Cat with the Wrong Food

It's equally important to realize that just like humans, cats have specific dietary needs based on their age and health status. That said, ensure that you feed your cat with the right diet.

Remember, feeding a diet that is meant for humans, other pets, cats with medical issues, or in different phases of life can harm your cat. If you aren't sure about the correct diet, please consult your vet for specific recommendations for your cat's diet.

3. Skipping Vet Visits

Whether your cat is sick or not, be sure not to miss any routine vet visits. Even if it can be challenging to bring them along, it is essential to their well-being. Vets will easily check and discover health issues, even those that may be invisible. Consequently, kitty will be in good health and happiness.

4. Failing to Groom to Your Cat

Although cats groom themselves, there's a need to get into the action yourself. If your feral cat will allow you to get near enough to him/her to do so, grooming is recommended. Cats spend a substantial amount of time licking their fur, which might make you think that you don't need to groom them, but you do. Regular grooming sessions with a comb or brush helps keep your cat's fur in good condition by removing dirt, evenly spreading natural oils throughout their coat, keeping skin clean, and preventing itchy skin/matted fur.

Cat grooming prevents your cat from swallowing fur when self -grooming, which causes hairballs and constipation.

5. Using Negative Reinforcement

If you're one to yell at, toss aside, mishandle or hit your cat when they do something wrong, you need to transform and change this behaviour entirely. Negative reinforcement does nothing to correct your cat's actions. It may even cause more rebellion and instill fear.

Instead, use positive reinforcement to correct your cat. Positive reinforcement involves teaching kitty what you need them to do, giving praise and rewarding them with treats for good behavior. You can also try clicker training, which is equally effective. Not only will positive reinforcement correct your cat's behavior but also grow your connection altogether.

6. Randomly Bringing and Introducing a New Cat to the Home

Your feline is king going by their territorial nature, behavior and how they carry themselves. There's no worse way to annoy and make your cat feel threatened than to bring a new cat home with no plan for a proper introduction. It results in cat fights with one of the two felines bullying the other.

To avoid such scenarios, research and take the time to introduce the two cats, ensuring that your existing cat doesn't feel threatened and cause fights.

7. Forcefully Dressing Your Cat

You may find it appealing and fun, but your cat doesn't. Many cats don't like to be dressed in costumes, as it can lead to shock or cause trauma for some of them. However, some cats will tolerate costumes, but if it's clear that your feline doesn't want to wear costumes, don't attempt to dress them.

Being a responsible cat parent is great, but it’s not easy. It takes serious planning, effort, and knowledge. Well behaved and adjusted cats – even outdoor cats – don’t happen overnight. But by avoiding the above mistakes, you can help your cat stay happy and healthy.  

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