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Is Your Cat Bored? 6 Top Tips to Entertain Your Feral Cat

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Going out is great for your feral cat, but they sometimes get bored and want to stay home. Should you notice any signs of boredom, there are lots of ways you can entertain your cat to provide them with mental and physical stimulation.

Here are six top tips to keep your cat entertained.

1. Get Them Some Toys

No conversation about entertaining cats would be complete without toys. Toys are a great way to enrich your cat and stimulate them mentally and physically. Common cat toys include laser pens, fluffy balls, bird toys, or toy mouse's. Don't forget catnip toys, which are a cat favorite.

You could also consider food puzzles or cat prize toys. These toys engage your cat physically, mentally and bring out their hunting instincts in active pursuit of food or prizes. They can keep your cat occupied for hours.

If you want to save a little money, make homemade toys using cartons, boards, and other items. Your feline friend will love it.

2. Provide Them with a Platform and View

Basking and sleeping outside in the sun with a picturesque view is something cats all enjoy. Staying in a high place provides your cat with a better vantage point to spot prey and predator alike. Rather than have your kitty dangerously jump on top of shelves, cupboards, and other high places, why not get them a cat house with a lounging deck and extended roof. 

Better yet, you can opt for a cat house with a platform and loft.

Both elevated houses provide your furry friend extra comfort — a place to snuggle up, sunbathe, and relax. Something that keeps them stimulated when they feel bored. Besides, the houses are insulated and have safety features that protect your cat from inclement weather elements and predators.

3. Provide Them with Their Furniture

Cats are adventurous, and providing them with their furniture helps keep them distracted and engaged. What's more, their territorial nature means they spend more time on their furniture and less time on yours. Scratching furniture such as scratching posts, boards, barrels can help stop home furniture destruction. Other furniture such as cat trees, cat beds, perches, and outdoor houses will also enrich your cat. 

Furniture items can help improve your cat's living quality and fulfill their natural needs. They should also provide space for play, fun, and rest.

4. Schedule Some Play Time

Cats love mental and physical stimulation. That's why they love spending time or initiating play with you. Schedule some of your time to play with your cat. Whether it's petting them, playing fetch, belly rubbing, or cuddles, your cat will appreciate the love and attention.

Moreover, play satisfies your cat's instincts, grows your bond, and keeps them happy and healthy.

5. Get Them a Pet Companion

While cats like their own company, it is good to consider providing another cat or pet for company. When introduced correctly, cats can forge close bonds with other cats or dogs. Such sociable interaction with another pet can significantly enrich their daily lives. 

All you need is some proper introduction, and with some luck, both pets will like the attention and enjoy each other's company.

6. Take Your Cat Out for Walks

Taking your cat out for a walk is a great way to entertain your cat while enjoying some outdoor time together. As long as your cat is trained to walk on a leash and harness, walking them will be easy. 

Nevertheless, ensure your cat has some form of identification such as tags or a microchip just if they get away from you.

Cats can and do get bored. Possessing curiosity, endless energy, and short attention spans, they need much entertainment to enrich their lives. Luckily, the listed ideas can help you battle cat boredom and keep your cat enriched and stimulated in the right way.

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