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Five Excellent Tips to Improve Your Cat's Immune System

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When it comes to good health in cats, immunity is key. As cat owners we think about bolstering our own immune systems, but we can overlook this vital issue in our lovely cats. Fortunately, this article highlights several steps that cat owners can take to boost their kitty's immune system, strengthen their natural defenses, and help them fight diseases.

Here are five tips to naturally help strengthen your cat's immune system.

1. Provide Proper and High-quality Diet

The proverbial saying 'You are what you eat' not only applies to humans but also our adorable furry friends. Ideally, whatever you cat feeds on plays a huge role in their overall health. A healthy diet is crucial in boosting your cat's immune system. Contrarily, a poor-quality diet (food not meant for cats or food unfit for a particular cat's life stage) can increase the risk of infections, obesity, inflammation, and disease.

Feed your cat on an immune-boosting diet that fits their life stage, health condition, and lifestyle. A well-balanced diet with high nutritional value is essential for attaining proper health and immunity. If you're unsure of what to feed your cat, talk to your veterinarian about your cat's best feeding program.

2. Observe Your Cat’s Weight

Obesity is a severe problem in cats. What's even worse, most cat owners don't realize that their cat is overweight. Cat obesity is known to lead to health-related issues like diabetes, heart/respiratory problems, and cancer, to mention a few. Besides, being overweight stresses a cat's internal organs, joints, and immune system.

As a responsible cat owner, track your cats' feeding habits and ensure that you provide the right and quality diet. Also, remember that treats are part of the food. Some are high in calories and may lead to obesity if not given under strict observation.

3. Observe High-level Cat Hygiene

Cats are hygienic creatures. With that in mind, it's essential to help them keep a high level of hygiene. For instance, regularly grooming your cat (if your feral cat will allow you to do so) helps get rid of allergens and the loose fur that they would ingest when self-grooming. Additionally, keeping your cat's surroundings and bedding routinely clean will help eliminate harmful allergens, odor, and viruses. Remember that exposure to harmful organisms can lead to inflammation, which will otherwise decrease your cat's immune function.

4. Encourage Play and Exercise

Regular exercise helps in keeping your cat healthy, strong, and at a decent body weight. Exercise causes mental stimulation and relaxation, which kicks out stress, a significant cause of health issues in cats. Always ensure you spend quality time with your kitty while encouraging and engaging in interactive play. You can also buy or make toys that keep your cat busy while you're away. 

5. Avoid Stressing your Cat

Stress is a leading cause of health deterioration in cats and even humans. Stress worsens a cat’s mental and physical health. Ultimately, it wears down the body's immune system and leaves your cat more susceptible to diseases and infection. It can also cause fear and aggression in cats. Knowing this, ensure that you continually observe your cat to keep their stress level low.

Keeping low stress-levels in cats involves how cat-friendly their environment is. Ensure that you provide easy access to nutritious food, water, clean litter boxes, and proper accommodation. Cat calming sprays and toys such as scratching posts, can help battle stress in cats. It’s critical that you remain calm around your cat and not punish them for actions behaviors that may disturb you, but come naturally to them.

Undoubtedly, a robust immune system is fundamental for good health in your cat. The dietary and lifestyle tips illustrated above will help strengthen your cat’s immune system. And as we know, a healthy cat equals a lifelong companionship filled with unforgettable memories.

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