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How to Choose the Best Cat for an Apartment

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Moving into an apartment and looking for a new cat? You might wonder, "What type of cat is best for apartments?" In fact, some cat breeds are better suited to living in apartments. Other breeds, like Bengal or Savannah cats, are too active to be cooped up in an apartment.

Here's how to choose the best cat for an apartment.

Best cat breeds for apartments

Because of their personality and behaviour, some cats are generally well suited to apartment living. Here are some cat breeds that would fall under this category.

Ragdoll cats have a laid-back, friendly personality. They make an excellent lap cat and adapt well to apartments. Unlike some cat breeds, they aren't demanding or attention-seeking. They are content with a simple lifestyle.

Russian blue cats are named for their beautiful blue coats. They are excellent for working singles, as they tend to be very loyal to their owners. Because they are independent, they don't mind spending the day alone and amusing themselves. 

Persian cats are placid and affectionate. However, they do need daily grooming to maintain their luxurious coats. If you don't have time for daily grooming, the Persian would not be a good fit for you.

British shorthairs are well known to be good apartment cats. They love to sit on their owner's lap and be petted. Their sweet, relaxed nature makes them a great fit for busy owners.

Cats with an apartment-friendly personality

After considering the best breed, you'll also want to think about personality traits. Each cat is an individual, and his personality may or may not adapt well to apartment living.

What kind of personality should your ideal apartment cat have?

  • Soft-spoken and docile
  • Not requiring lots of activity to be content
  • Easygoing 
  • Can be left alone for 8 hours without going crazy
  • Friendly
  • Not extremely territorial

Also, consider your lifestyle. If you entertain lots of guests, you'll want a cat that doesn't mind strangers. However, if you rarely have guests, don't worry about it!

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Ideas for having multiple apartment cats

If you don't have any cats yet, you may want to adopt two cats at the same time. That way, they can keep each other company when you're at work. This can enhance their quality of life and happiness.

In addition, consider adopting an adult or senior cat. Their easygoing personality can be a great fit for an apartment. You won't have to worry about litter box training or unpredictable behaviours, as you would with a kitten.

Choosing the best cat for an apartment: Parting Thoughts

To find the right apartment cat, the most important factor is personality, not breeder. To get some personalized advice, make an appointment with a reputable breeder. Explain your lifestyle, including your work hours, and ask them for recommendations. Breeders know their cats extremely well and will be able to find you a forever friend!

Let's Chat:

If you live in an apartment, what type of cat do you have? Has your cat adapted well to apartment living? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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