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How to Care for Outdoor Cats in Winter

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With winter upon us, the feral cats in our communities have an even greater need for our help. People often ask how to keep a cat warm outside or how to help their community cats make it through the winter. 

Here’s your easy guide for how to care for outdoor cats in winter.

1) Provide extra food and water.

With colder temperatures, cats need extra food and water. Dr. M.A. Crist of Texas A&M University says, “During the winter months outdoor pets need a significant number of calories to help keep them warm. This increase in caloric intake needs to be maintained throughout the season.”

To prevent food from freezing, place it in a thick plastic bowl. You can even purchase a heated bowl from Walmart or many online retailers.

2) Set up an insulated shelter.

When people ask how to care for outdoor cats in winter, our first recommendation is that they provide a warm shelter. You can make a DIY one, or just purchase a heated cat house for winter online. Our easy-to-assemble houses are convenient, sturdy, and North American built!

Looking for a winter cat shelter? Check out our affordable selection at www.undercoverpethouses.com!

3) Keep kitty warm.

To provide extra insulation, Dr. Crist recommends, “Outdoor pets in colder climates should have an outdoor rated heating pad. Also, adding blankets or dry straw in the structure can give the animal a place to bed down and keep warm.” You can get an outdoor rated heating pad here

4) Keep antifreeze out of reach.

You may be surprised to learn that antifreeze poses a serious risk to your pets. Dr. Brian Collins of Cornell Vet College explains, “The active ingredient in most brands of antifreeze is ethylene glycol, a sweet-tasting liquid that can be attractive to an animal, but is highly toxic.”

Dr. Collins recommends that you store antifreeze out of reach of pets and clean up any spills immediately. This will prevent your cats from ingesting antifreeze.

5) Watch the forecast.

If a major snowstorm is looming, set out extra food and water in case you can’t reach the cats for a day or two. After the storm has passed, shovel out the entrance and path to the shelter. It’s essential to make sure your cats have access to shelter, food, and water to stay healthy this winter.

With this simple tips, you’ll know exactly how to care for outdoor cats in winter.

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