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​The Difference Between Stray and Feral Cats ….and What You Can Do to Help

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The feral and stray cat population has reached epidemic proportions in many communities across the country. Recent studies estimate the current feral and stray cat population to be between 30-40 million. Travel down any street in any town, and it is likely you will run across one or more of these poor, adorable little creatures in search of food or shelter..

It is important to note the difference between a feral cat and a stray cat. Stray cats generally started out in loving homes. Sadly, as cats age and family situations change, some families move away and simply leave their once beloved cats behind. It’s terrible, but it happens.

Others are deeply cherished family companions that wander from home and are never found in spite of all of the best efforts on behalf of the cat’s owners. Stray cats are not as resourceful as feral cats. They are friendly and welcoming to strangers and have the innate knowledge that people are the key to both food, safety, and housing.

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Feral cats are different. They were born in the wild and retain a wild nature. They distrust human beings them and will do anything to avoid contact with them. They prefer to live in groups - often referred to as “colonies”. As a result, these cats must hunt for food or search through garbage receptacles in search of food and warmth.

Theirs is not an easy life, but these cats are as entitled to a quality life. What that quality life looks like is entirely different from domesticated cats (house cats), after all, they love their freedom! However, one thing that both stray and feral cats have in common is a need for shelter from the harsh elements Mother Nature throws at them.

Whether the cat that you are caring for is a stray cat that has discovered warmth and food at your home, or a feral cat that has won your heart, we applaud your efforts in being a help to the cats of your neighborhood. You are making a difference.

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