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How to Keep Your Cat Active This Winter

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Keeping your cat active in the winter months can be a challenge. Often, cats would rather curl up in front of a cozy fireplace than exercise. Who wants to play outside when it’s cold enough to freeze your whiskers off? However, as responsible fur parents, we all know that our cats need to stay active. 

Here are 5 easy tips to keep your cat active this winter.

1) Teach your cat a trick or two.

Step aside, Rover. Tricks aren't just for dogs anymore. Cats can do them, too! You can teach your cat to fetch, come, and jump. According to Dr. Sophia Yin, "...our domesticated felines can learn cat tricks as quickly as their flashier television counterparts, once their humans learn a few basic training secrets." Check out her helpful article on how to teach your cat to do tricks.

2) Set up a treasure hunt.

Put your cat in a separate room while you hide several treats or small portions of her favourite food throughout your house. You can hide them in feeding toys for even more fun. To get your cat started, place a few treats in easy-to-spot locations. For more of a challenge, hide a treat under a toy, on her cat tower, in an empty box. Your cat will love hunting for her food!

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3) Go for a walk outside.

Weather permitting, take a walk in a winter wonderland with your cat. You'll get to keep your cat healthy and log extra steps on your FitBit! If you're concerned about the temperature, just bundle your fur baby in a warm cat sweater. #adorbs 

4) Purchase toys that encourage active play.

To keep your cat active this winter, look for toys that require her to jump, run, and pounce. Some examples would be feather wands, laser pointers, balls, puzzle games, and squeaky mice. Active toys will stimulate your cat both mentally and physically.

5) Give your cat a puzzle feeder.

According to a 2016 study by a team from the University of California at Berkeley, food puzzles can help cats lose weight, de-stress, and develop better relationships with people. You can purchase a pre-assembled food puzzle, or make your own. Just cut a few holes in an egg carton or plastic water bottle, and place cat food inside. Then, let the fun begin! Check out this helpful article for more DIY puzzle feeder ideas.

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