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13 of The Biggest Cat Myths Debunked - Part 2

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In the previous article, we dispelled six common misconceptions about cats. In this post we’ll explore more fascinating cat myths.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

#7 Black cats are bad luck

Ancient belief has linked black cats with ill fortune. However, Black cats aren't unlucky at all, and in fact are regarded as lucky in many cultures.

Black cats can be seen as bad luck for themselves, but not for people, since they are hard to adopt and many of them end up being put down.

#8 Cats always land on their feet

Given their anatomy, excellent reflexes and vestibular system, cats fall on their feet most of the time. Many cats, however, are not so fortunate and may not always not land on their feet when they fall.

Some may land on their chin, fracture their wrists or joints and even puncture their lungs depending on the fall, which are all severe and life-threatening injuries. 

Never assume that your cat will merely be fine if they unfortunately fall from extreme or even close heights. To prevent your cat from becoming injured, use cat-proof blinds or keep the windows closed.

#9 Cats and dogs don't get along

Yes, they do! 

Dogs and cats can live harmoniously together, as is the case in many homes. Sometimes a dog and a cat, or even in multi-cat households, pets don’t get along, just as some people can't get along with each other.

The compatibility of your pets depends on their personalities and how well you introduce them to one another.

#10 One human year equals seven cat years

A cat does not age seven human years every single year. The first two years of their lives, in particular, fly by far more quickly than you'd imagine. 

A cat's first year is equivalent to a human being 15 years old, and their second year is equivalent to a human being 24 years old. Thereafter, a cat will mature around four human years for every calendar year. 

In other words, a cat that is 5 years old in cat years is equivalent to a human being who is 36 years old.

#11 Cats are not good with babies

Some cats are good with babies, while others may be more standoffish. It really depends on the individual cat's personality.

Allow your cat to investigate the newborn after you've brought them home for the first time. The cat will feel more at ease with the new addition to the household if given the opportunity to investigate and familiarize with the baby through their senses. 

To protect your baby, keep your cat away from stray cats; don't let your child touch (or eat!) kitty litter and always wash your hands or wear gloves for litter box changes.

#12 Cats have nine lives

It’s a commonly held belief that cats have nine lives, but is there any truth to this? 

The answer is, no. Cats don’t have nine lives and this myth likely originated from the Ancient Egyptian belief that cats were magical creatures.

While cats are agile and possess many remarkable abilities which make them appear almost indestructible they are still mortal creatures and don’t possess any extra lives.

#13 Cats always purr when they're happy

This couldn’t be further from the truth! 

While cats do often purr when they’re content and enjoying life, they can also purr when they’re stressed, anxious, in pain, or even when they are trying to calm themselves in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. 

Cats are complex creatures, and understanding their signals can help you better care for them.

The Bottom Line

Cats have a long history of myths and misconceptions surrounding them. 

Thankfully, research continues to refute many of these, which is good news for our cat. Now that you know the truth about the most common cat myths, be sure to spread the word

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