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Purchasing Outdoor Cat Houses: A Guide

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Buying your outdoor cat their house is amazing. However, with so many choices, finding the right fit can be a challenge. Too often, cat parents rush into the process without having an idea what makes for the ideal outdoor cat house.

In this article, we've highlighted the critical points in the cat house purchase process to prepare you for what can and should be a significant milestone in your cat's life. Let's dive in.

1. Build Quality

The best outdoor cat houses feature a cedar construction. 


Cedar's remarkable durability and resistance to extreme weather elements make it the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor structures.

The cedar is naturally highly resistant to insect attack, fungus, rot, and sturdy enough not to be blown in the wind.

2. Safety

Even before you click the button to buy that perfect home, you need to ensure that the house is safe enough for your cat. Moreover, the cat house should meet North American industry-standard safety and have a door space that only leaves enough room for your cat's entry and exit.

This prevents intruders and predators from freewill entry. Cedar houses are free from plastic, manufacturing chemical fumes or any substances that could be potentially hazardous to cats.

3. Insulation

Along with build quality, your kitty needs a well-insulated cat house. After an eventful day, cats love to come home to a comfortable and cozy place to relax. And with temperatures dropping to well below 10°C at night and below −40 °C in winter, you don't want your fur baby suffering in such extreme conditions.

To fight the cold, you’ll want to look into a heating pad for the cat house as well.

If you don’t purchase a house warm enough, your cat could find makeshift shelter in warm places underneath car tires, hoods, and engines, which can be dangerous. Go for Thermal-Ply insulated structures featuring all-round insulation — the floor, walls, and ceiling.

4. Design

Although design isn't something many think of when purchasing an outdoor cat house, it's equally important. For instance, if you were buying a home, a home with a rooftop porch and balcony would make the home even more appealing and inspirational.

Who doesn't love the view from high above? The same applies when purchasing a cat house. Cat houses with a lounging deck and extended roof or those with a platform and loft would also be irresistible for your cat. These houses provide a place where your cat can relax, sunbathe and monitor their surroundings from high above.

Additionally, design matters if you have a multi-cat household. Multi-cat households will require bigger cat houses such as double-deckers or duplexes that house two or more cats at a go. Some houses also accommodate add-ons adjustments that improve your cat's quality of life. Lastly, cat houses with detachable roofs make it easier for regular cleaning.

5. Attractiveness

It's no secret that cats are fussy. If your cat is not fussy, you at least know or have heard of one who fits the bill. Most cats will reject gifts such as toys, litter boxes, feeding bowls, costumes, etc. if they find them unattractive.

Knowing your cats' tastes and preferences, be sure to pick a house that they will delight in.

6. House Assembly

As if getting every other thing right isn't enough, you'll learn that most outdoor cat houses come with lots of parts and pieces that need to be assembled. For many, it's a problematic task coupled with confusing instructions.

Ensure your house purchase includes written instructions for quick pet house assembly. Better yet, the seller should have assembly videos and facilitate construction with essential household tools.

Bottom Line

Purchasing an outdoor cat house is an investment. When buying an outdoor cat house, it's vital to get the basics right. Take your time, and put the listed tips into practice and you're guaranteed value for your money.

Looking for the best cat houses? At Undercover Pet Houses, we offer permanent housing solutions for outdoor cats. Our expertly crafted cedar cat houses and cat house shelters are well worth the investment.

We provide free shipping and have an excellent track record of happy customers and even happier cats. We're happy to talk and assist with your cat house project.

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