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Tips and Tricks to Train Your Indoor or Outdoor Cat

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So, you’ve finally landed your dream cat and brought them home. What next? As time passes, you get to learn that owning a cat is a job that needs a little more than just having them around, fondling, playing or feeding them. In fact, doing all that or much more does little to make your cat trained or well-mannered. In order to have your kitty docile, you’ll need to train them on certain things immediately.

These top tips and tricks will improve your cat’s behavior and put them ahead of the pack.


  • To train your cat to sit, hold a treat above them. In turn the cat will look up to follow the treat and instinctively take a sitting posture.
  • Reward the cat with the treat.
  • Gradually repeat this and as your cat becomes accustomed to sitting reward them for correct sitting postures while incorporating the cue word ‘sit’.


If your cat has learnt how to sit, you can easily incorporate the ‘Hi 5’ trick.

  • Initially, inspire any paw movement accompanied with their favorite treat each time their paw moves off the ground when sitted.
  • With the treat in your hand and above the cat’s nose, let them raise their paw and reach for the treat.
  • Give the treat as a reward while praising them and adding a command word like ‘Hi 5’.
  • Progressively repeat this as a game, and you’ll soon receive high-fives on command.

Ringing the Bell

From loud meowing to doing some damage, outdoor cats can be really annoying in their efforts to get inside, get something or draw your attention. On the other hand, you can get rid of such behavior by use of a simple bell.

  • Dangle a small but loud bell on a cord or on a door or preferred place at your cat's reach. Attach a toy or catnip spray to draw your cat’s attention to the bell where they’ll ring it. Each time they ring it reward them with a treat.
  • Ensure you show to the bell numerous times so they learn and connect that ringing the bell comes before them getting attention or entrance.
  • Ignore the meowing, scrabbling and other efforts to get your attention.
  • Eventually, your cat will remember touch the bell and make it ring, at which point you reward her by opening the door and a treat.

If this is repeated daily, your cat will learn to ring the bell intentionally.

Leash Training

Feral cats spend a lot of time outdoors so leash training may sound like an outlandish idea. Even so, leash training provides a safe way to explore the outside world together while providing a chance for bonding as well as exercising.

  • Choose a harness and leash that perfectly fits your cat without inflicting any physical harm.
  • Gradually introduce your cat to the leash and harness by placing it in her toys or areas she likes to play and explore. Doing this allows cats to play and familiarize with the items.
  • Have the cat wear the harness for a sometimes for a couple of days while you distract them with treats.
  • Soon enough, attach the leash and let them wear it for some days while monitoring them. Even when showing some resistance keep going. Cats love routine and will eventually get used to it.
  • As soon they are comfortable walking around both the harness and leash, pick it up and leading them around the house and yard. Gently tug them and offer treats each time they go in the correct direction while showering them with praise and pats.
  • After sufficient training, you are set to explore the outdoors together once in a while.

Many cat owners may wonder whether their cat is trainable. Yes they are!

Regardless of the common belief that cats are stubborn and rebellious, all cats are trainable. With lots of tricks out there, you can train your cat on whichever you find appealing. Do not punish them if they first fail but rather encourage them. Good luck!

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