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Ten Tips for Getting Along With your Cat

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Does your cat love being around you? The answer to this question reveals a lot about the connection between you and your cat. Regardless of how much effort you put in or how much you spoil them, if your cat doesn’t enjoy being around you, your relationship is bound to suffer.

Nevertheless, whether the relationship with your cat is broken, rocky, or even close, the good news is that there are several things you can do to improve the situation.

Below are ten tips that will help you get along with your cat more effectively.

1. Provide proper home care

A safe, comfortable place to sleep, a high-quality diet, regular vet visits, and your unconditional love are what a cat needs to know they are really loved. In return, they will love you back.

2. Observe hygiene

Cats demand cleanliness often seen by how they constantly groom themselves. Observe a high-level of cleanliness and for inside cats, be sure to keep their litter box clean.

3. Do not disturb their sleep

No one likes any kind of sleep interruption. Not even cats! There’s a good chance that you might be tempted to wake them up. Don’t! Cats spend most of their time sleeping which paramount for their well-being. Therefore, showing respect for your cat's sleep is an important part of getting along with them. If you disturb their sleep, feral cats will dislike you and may avoid you even more.

4. Respect their schedule and routine

Cats are creatures who flourish on routine. They have a set pattern they follow every day and hate going against it. Try following a consistent schedule for their activities and don’t stop them from their personal routine especially if they need their time alone.

5. Don’t interrupt when they use the litter box (inside cats)

As a general rule (whether your cat is an inside cat or a feral cat) cats hate any kind of disturbance when relieving themselves. At that moment, they feel defenseless and any disturbance caused may frighten them. You definitely want to avoid a disturbance reputation because it can alienate your cat from you.

6. Avoid harsh punishment

Apparently, cats don’t seem to elude mischief mainly because it’s in their nature. When they get mischievous, avoid punitive punishment and instead employ positive reinforcement to appropriately redirect their bad behavior to good. Harsh punishment causes distress and leads to a poor bond.

8. Learn their body language

Although independent, cats have many emotions. Learning more about your cat’s body language, behavior and communication is key to a good relationship since you’re easily able to recognize their emotions and respond accordingly.

9. Play with your cat

If your cat wants to play, try to spare some time for them. Not only does it enhance their health, but it also provides both of you with quality bonding. This will make your cat love spending time with you. Don’t forget to buy them play toys too!

10. Handle your cat with care

Your interactions with your cat should be gentle. Avoid mishandling them in ways such as lifting them by the scruff of their neck, tugging their tail, pulling their whiskers, etc. Such behavior makes them feel threatened.

As a cat owner, you will certainly spend more time with your cat than anyone else in their lives. So, learning how to get along with your cat is the key to a lifelong bond. Earning your cat’s love and trust shouldn’t be hard. But you need to put in some extra effort. Luckily, with the right approach and the tips offered above, you should get there.

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