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4 Reasons to Play with Your Cat

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When you have kittens, playtime with them is a no-brainer. But, as they grow older, you may get out of the habit of playing with your cats. Playtime is not just for kittens. 

Playtime is beneficial for all cats, whether inside cats or outside cats in cat houses

Here are 4 reasons why you should play with your cat.

1) To help your cat maintain a healthy weight

According to Carolyn McDaniel, a lecturer at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, cat obesity is a growing concern. “Probably 50 percent of cats seen at veterinary clinics these days are overweight, if not obese,” she says. 

If your cat is overweight, playtime will help her shed those extra pounds. She’ll be able to burn off calories during playtime and throughout the day because of her increased metabolism. For a cat, losing weight can be both fun and easy!

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2) To relieve your cat’s boredom

For the modern cat, boredom is a common problem. She’s sniffed out every nook and cranny of the cat houses. She’s already played with every squeaky mouse and fuzzy bear. There’s nothing interesting on TV. And you’re not home till 5:30. Who could blame your kitty for being bored?

When you play with your cat, she receives both physical and mental stimulation. Your cat can burn off her extra energy and practice her cognitive and motor skills.

3) To provide release for your cat’s predatory instincts

Since cats are designed to be predators, they have a natural instinct to stalk, hunt, and kill their prey. If this instinct is not fulfilled, cats may develop aggressive behaviours, even against their owners.

To give your cat an opportunity to play predator, play “hunting” games. According to a 2010 vet journal study published on how indoor cats play, “Play behaviors in cats are closely related to the natural predatory sequence of stalking, chasing, pouncing, and biting. Cats also enjoy playing with items they can pick up, toss in the air, and pounce on.”

Get a cat toy that will squeak or make other sounds. Make the toy scurry away from her, hide it behind furniture, and allow her to catch it at the end of the game. Playing hunter/prey games will allow your cat to release aggression.

4) To bond with your cat

According to OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, playtime helps you bond with your cat. Through regular playtime, your cat will get emotional release for her anxiety and aggression. She will relax and be more confident, which helps her bond with you and other cats.

Playtime also allows you to socialize your kittens. It’s a fantastic tool for building healthy relationships with all your cats. If you play with your cat, she will be happier and healthier.

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