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Winter’s Coming: Are Your Feral Cats Ready?

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As the colder weather approaches, it’s time to start planning for winter. People often wonder, “How do stray cats survive winter? How can I help a stray cat in winter?”

One of the most important ways you can help is by providing a winter cat shelter.

During the colder temperatures and storms of winter, cats need a warm shelter.

Contrary to popular belief, a feral cat’s fur doesn’t actually protect him from the cold. If his fur gets wet or chilled, he may develop frostbite or hypothermia.

Often, outdoor cats seek shelter under the hood of a car. Unfortunately, they can be injured or even killed when the car is started.

How do you keep feral cats warm in the winter?

You can make a DIY shelter for your cats, or you can purchase feral cat houses for winter.

Dr. M.A. Crist of Texas A&M University says that, in winter, outdoor animals need a well-insulated structure that is large enough to curl up inside.

You can get a winter cat shelter to fit just one cat or up to four cats


Once you have assembled your cat house, here are a few tips for setting it up.

-Choose a good location.

Place the cat house away from foot traffic in a quiet spot.

To help protect your cats from wind, you may want to place it beside a wall.

-Consider adding insulation. 

Dr. Crist recommends, "Outdoor pets in colder climates should have an outdoor rated heating pad. Also, adding blankets or dry straw in the structure can give the animal a place to bed down and keep warm."

You can warm up your heated cat house for winter with a reliable heating pad.

The Mayor’s Animal Alliance of NYC also suggests that you insulate your cat house with straw for maximum comfort and warmth. 

-Set up a feeding station nearby.

Include food (preferably dry food since it doesn’t freeze) and water. Provide larger portions of food in the winter, since your cat need more calories.

Check the station twice a day to replace the water, especially if temperatures are below freezing.

Ready to get a winter cat shelter? Find the perfect one at www.undercoverpethouses.com today!

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