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Feral Cat Q & A: Dry Food or Wet Food?

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Q: Should I feed my cats dry food or wet food?

A: Many cat enthusiasts hold strong opinions about the best food for their cats. However, vets say that cats can thrive on either one.1 For quite a while, people believed that dry food was better for dental health since cats had to chew it.However, cats don’t usually chew their food thoroughly. So dry food would not benefit their dental health. And wild members of the cat family—like lions and tigers—suffer from dental disease despite their all-natural carnivorous diet.

Dry and wet food are nutritionally equivalent, except canned food has more water. Almost every vet agrees that cats benefit from consuming more water. Water prevents symptoms of urinary tract disease and aids the kidneys.

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Wet food also helps reduce cat obesity. Because it will go bad if left out, people tend to feed wet food in meals. With dry food, they tend to leave out a generous amount of food for grazing throughout the day. Most cats are not disciplined eaters, and they can easily consume too many calories for their body’s requirements.

Another fact to consider is that studies have demonstrated a link between thyroid gland problems and canned food. No one knows the reason, but it may be related to the metal in cat food cans.

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Both wet and dry food can work well for your cats. Choose a high-quality food that your cats enjoy. You may have to experiment a little to find the right fit. To maintain a healthy weight, feed your cat in meals instead of a day’s worth. (And, if you’re concerned about dental health, a little tooth-brushing goes a long way!)

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