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How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Cats

On a sunny July day, we love soaking up some rays at the beach. However, hot summer days also bring a risk of heatstroke...not just for us, but also for our cats. Heat stroke poses the most serious danger for cats in the summer.Read on to learn how to prevent heat stroke in cats.What is [...]

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5 Summer Weather Tips for Feral Cats

If you work with feral cats, you know that summer can be a tough season for feral cats. They have to find food, stay hydrated, and avoid spending too much time in the sun. Otherwise, they may suffer heat stroke. Feral cats need your help--now more than ever!Here are 5 summer weather tips for feral [...]

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​Everything You Need to Know About Cat Dandruff

If you've ever struggled with dandruff, you know that it's no fun to look into the mirror and see tiny white flakes in your hair. However, you might not know that cats can have cat dandruff, too. If you look at your cat and say, "Help! My cat has dandruff!" you're not alone. Read on [...]

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5 Kitty Books for Your Summer Reading List

On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than sitting by the seashore with a cool drink and a good book. But what if you've already read your favourite books over and over? You might need to add a few more titles to your bookshelf. We've gathered some of the best books for cat lovers.Here [...]

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10 Facts About Kittens to Keep in Mind

You just picked up an adorable bundle of joy from your local cat rescue. Running through a mental checklist, you ask yourself if there's anything you might have forgotten. Kitty litter? Check. Soft cat bed? Check. Kitten food? Check. What more could you possibly need? Well, if you're a first-time kitten owner, you may need [...]

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6 Fun Facts about Chantilly Cats

Are you looking for an affectionate cat that is good with kids? Do you love the look of longhaired cats? If so, you should consider the Chantilly cat breed. These beautiful cats are easier to groom than most longhaired cats. And they love spending time with people!Read on for 6 fun facts about Chantilly cats.1. [...]

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5 Types of Cat Beds You Should Know About

On average, healthy adult cats sleep for 15-18 hours a day. And growing kittens need even more sleep- about 20 hours per day! With all the time your cat spends sleeping, it's important to make sure she has a comfortable bed. And, today, you can buy cat beds that are fun and functional!Here are 5 types [...]

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How to Socialize a Feral Kitten

It's kitten season, and feral cat volunteers everywhere are preparing for another busy year. They're stockpiling food and resources and fundraising for health costs. If you're new to feral cat rescue work, you may wonder, "How should I try to tame a feral kitten? And is it even possible?"Read on to learn how to socialize [...]

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5 Things You Should Know About Siberian Cats

With a rich and storied past, Siberian cats hail from Russia's northern plains. Their thick, luxurious coats kept them warm through frozen winters. And their easygoing personality helped them survive difficult upheavals in Russian history. Thinking about getting a Siberian cat for a pet?Here are 5 things you should know about Siberian cats.1. Siberians love water!Because [...]

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6 Easy DIY Toys for Your Kitty

Do you love crafting? And does your cat like playing with new toys? We've collected an assortment of fun DIY toys that you can make for your cat. Most of these are inexpensive, easy, and oh so fun! Here are 6 easy DIY toys for your cat.A t-shirt cat toyThis t-shirt cat toy only requires 2 or 3 [...]

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