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Tips and Tricks to Train Your Indoor or Outdoor Cat

So, you’ve finally landed your dream cat and brought them home. What next? As time passes, you get to learn that owning a cat is a job that needs a little more than just having them around, fondling, playing or feeding them. In fact, doing all that or much more does little to make your cat trained or well-mannered. [...]

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Ten Tips for Getting Along With your Cat

Does your cat love being around you? The answer to this question reveals a lot about the connection between you and your cat. Regardless of how much effort you put in or how much you spoil them, if your cat doesn’t enjoy being around you, your relationship is bound to suffer.Nevertheless, whether the relationship with your cat is [...]

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Ten Life Hacks for Feral Cat Owners

For cat lovers, owning a cat is one of the nicest feeling ever. But let’s be real, it isn’t a walk in the park. No one prepares you to be a responsible, loving and committed cat owner. You just learn, and rise to the occasion day by day until you become a pro. Yet, to become a pro, you [...]

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World’s Most Beautiful Cat Breeds

Without a doubt cats are among the world’s most popular pets. They are gorgeous and by far beautiful creatures. From fabulous fur with attractive patterns to charming eyes, cats have an irresistible way of making people fall in love with them. That’s why we’ve assemble a list of the world’s most beautiful cat breeds!Whether or not you own a [...]

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4 Vaccines Your Outdoor Cat Needs

So, your cat loves to prowl and explore the neighborhood and can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors. Regardless of how much the outdoors is ideal for your cat, you may find yourself regularly disturbed about their whereabouts. You shouldn’t blame them for being adventurous since this is a trait that’s second nature to the cat family. Rather, [...]

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Is Your Cat Stressed?

Stress, more so negative stress, is part of our life. As much as stress is closely associated with humans, cats experience stress too! Whether in a human or cat, stress can have devastating effects on the health of either group. With cats being extremely sensitive creatures, they often fall victim to stress, which is mostly seen through behavioral changes. Stress [...]

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7 Tips for First-time Feral Cat Owners

Let’s just admit it, deciding to welcome a feral cat is supposed to be all fun and exciting for most people. And it definitely is! Cats not only make excellent pets but also great companions.Nevertheless, as much as cat ownership might seem easy on the eye, there’s more to owning a cat. Anyone who  owns a cat will tell you [...]

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Aggression in Cats

Why is my cat regularly aggressive? What causes such behavior? How do I deal with cat aggression? If your cat exhibits aggression, the above are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself. Cat aggression is one of the many common complaints made by cat owners, making it a recurring problem which requires attention.To help you [...]

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​8 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make

Cats are great pets and with jam-packed bundle of benefits. As cat owners, we enjoy the benefits they bring us including company and we go all-out to keep our beloved pets healthy and happy. Our aim – to do everything within our means to ensure they are content. However, as much as we try, we should acknowledge that we fail at [...]

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Our Best Outdoor Cat Houses for Feral Cats

Outside pets, especially feral cats, are animals that love the outdoors. They are determined to delight in enjoying nature to the fullest. For that reason, it’s critical that they have an outdoor roof over their head. If you’ve been thinking about getting your feral cat a comfortable hideout, or a warm place to stay and relax during harsh weather, we’ve [...]

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