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Cat Care: How to Know When Your Cat Is Sick

Could my kitty be sick? For many cat parents, this is a tough question that can be tricky to answer. It is your cat’s nature to instinctively hide signs of weakness to avoid vulnerability. As a result, it can be difficult to identify health problems in your cat. Unfortunately, this behavior often leads to your cat becoming seriously ill even [...]

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Cat Feeding: Tips for Feeding Cats in Multiple Cat Households

Cats are wonderful companions, and for that reason, many households often choose to own multiple cats. While owning many cats comes with numerous benefits, many cat-owners experience difficulties, mainly when feeding multiple cats with diverse dietary needs and feeding behaviors.This article discusses how to effectively feed multiple cats and the best methods to achieve that.Reasons That May Require You to Feed [...]

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​7 Common Feral Cat Behavior Problems (and How to Solve Them)

While cats are great and sweet companions to have around, some of their actions can be annoying. In this article, we've compiled some information about the common feline behavioral problems, how you can identify them and resolve them.1. Aggressive BehaviorAggression often spotted in play-induced biting and scratching is a tricky and challenging behavior to address in cats. Mood disorders, illness, trauma, [...]

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Halloween Safety: Tips to Keep Your Feral Cats Safe

Halloween presents an extraordinary occasion for children and adults to engage in fun, fright, entertainment, excitement, and celebration. However, for cats, it's a holiday filled with extreme danger and anxiety. With Halloween fast approaching, we've compiled helpful tips to help keep your holiday delightful and equally safe for your cat.Why Can Halloween be Scary and Dangerous for your Cat?Cats face additional dangers [...]

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​Seven Common Habits That Can Shorten Your Feral Cat’s Life

Having a furry friend as a lifelong companion is something we all hope for and want as cat owners. However, some common cat-care practices and habits can potentially encourage a shorter lifespan in our cat's life, despite our best efforts.Here we've rounded up some of the practices that could shorten your feline’s life.1. Poor HygienePoor [...]

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Home Dental Care for Cats

          Dental care for cats is something most cat owners haven't been keen to look into. However, the reality is that dental care and hygiene is more important than you might realize. Like human teeth, cat's teeth are sensitive and require the same care and attention as ours. This article looks at dental care for cats and [...]

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Veterinary care services are an essential part of keeping your kitty's health and wellness in check. However, with vet services becoming costly, taking your cat to the vet can sometimes present a dilemma. High-cost services can sometimes even be the difference between getting professional cat treatment or looking for other alternatives. Fortunately, there are certain ways to trim costs and [...]

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Dr. Google: The Risks of Using the Internet to Diagnose and Treat Your Cat

Google it! In our digital age, turning to the internet for information and advice is pretty standard. After all, Google knows everything or, at the very least, has some information about anything. Even when faced with vague illness symptoms, our first instinct is to type the signs in our keyboards and look for answers online. Interestingly, we're now using [...]

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Homemade Diets for Cats: What You Need to Know!

Preparing and administering homemade diets to our adorable cats has become a common trend. Preparing homemade diets is a feeding practice that involves feeding your feline with home-based food rather than commercial cat foods.While this feeding practice is becoming increasingly popular, is it safe and is it helpful to your feline friend? Well, keep scrolling to discover the facts associated [...]

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Top Seven Essentials for Your Feral Cat

Your cat is your lifelong companion and sees you through the bad and the good days in your life. Besides being loyal, your cat will also be part of those memorable and exciting moments in your life. That's why you want to make sure that furry friend is comfortable and happy.But how? Ensure you're stocked with the right [...]

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