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Top 4 Reasons Why Cats Meow

Every cat parent has had to deal with several instances of their cat meowing now and then. Why? Because meows are your cat's way of communicating their needs and wants to you. In fact, cats don't meow at each other. The vocalization is reserved only for humans. While you may not grasp the words in their meows or yowls, different [...]

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Cat Allergies: Are You Allergic to Your Cat and Don't Know It?

Owning a cat comes with some incredible rewards. We're talking about the super cuddly bonding moments, the cute moody ones, and the sweet and funny memories that you'll prize for years.With all of these cat parenting pleasures, there are people that don’t realize that they’re allergic to their feline friends. Even when they’re aware, it’s still hard to accept that their [...]

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Everything You Should Know About Hairballs in Cats

You’re playing with your cat when they suddenly spit up a slimy wad of fur. If you’re familiar with cat hairballs, it may not come as a surprise.But if you aren’t, it may come off as being disgusting, especially if they do it on your favorite furniture or when you accidentally step on the hairballs.While occasional hairballs are considered normal, [...]

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5 Best Cat Houses to Keep Your Cat Safe and Warm

Do you have a feral cat, outdoor cat or an indoor-outdoor cat that needs a quality outdoor house that keeps them warm and safe from predators and harsh weather? We all know how stressful it can be to keep up with an outdoor cat who loves exploring the great outdoors. But hey, you don't have to be worried about [...]

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6 Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Cats

For cat parents, the idea of getting a dog to complete your companion circle can be intimidating. Given the age-old rivalry of cats and dogs, this is a thought that must be considered carefully.If you're really hell-bent on bringing a dog home, several factors need to be considered, among them the dog breed. And while they have distinct characteristics, cats [...]

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8 Things That No One Tells You About Being a Cat Parent

You've watched videos, read blogs, and every piece of information on cat parenting advice out there. And rightly so!But while you may familiarize yourself with the basics of cat parenting in advance, things can take a different direction once you bring your feline friend home.Here are eight things no one tells you about owning a cat. 1. Cats Requires Stimulation Like you, [...]

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Heatstroke in Cats — Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Hot summers are a joy for everyone—even for our feline friends. This is especially true because cats have a liking for heat and enjoy warm weather.It also means that cats are tolerant to high temperatures and can find ways to keep cool in hot conditions. However, sometimes temperatures and humidity levels go beyond expected levels, putting cats at risk for heat-related illnesses. [...]

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These 5 Products Will Change Your Outdoor Cat's Life

Cats are cute, engaging, and fascinating creatures that are a joy to have around. But, as their parent, you're responsible for providing them with the right environment so they can thrive. This means simplifying their life by eliminating some of their stress points. Outdoor cats particularly tend to have a contrasting lifestyle compared to their indoor siblings. For this reason, their needs are [...]

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9 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

Water is critical for every creature, cats included. Setting up good water-drinking habits is therefore essential for your cat. Drinking water regularly helps your cat remain active and healthy. Cats who may not be getting enough water risk developing health complications. So how do you encourage your cat to drink more water? And what do you do if your feline friend [...]

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How Does Your Cat Want You to Pet Him?

Petting is one of the simple joys of owning a cat. It's an excellent way to de-stress and show affection to your cat. But there's more to petting than simply wrapping your arms around your cat and gently stroking them. For cats, petting is a love language all its own but with governing rules.Some cats enjoy petting once in a [...]

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