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Cat Poisoning: Rodenticide Poisoning in Feral Cats

If there's one thing about rats and mice, they're embarrassing and a huge nuisance. Often, when looking to tackle the rodent infestation menace, homeowners turn to rodenticides. On paper, rodenticides seem like a viable option to easily get rid of rats and mice. However, unbeknown to most homeowners, rodenticides pose a significant risk to our pets, especially our adorable [...]

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Are You Making These Seven Feral Cat Care Mistakes?

As a cat owner, caring for you're a kitty is a responsibility that falls on you. While we always try our best to make our cats feel comfortable and loved, we often slip up and make mistakes that put our cats at risk, even without knowing it.To help your kitty live a longer and more fulfilled life, make sure [...]

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Seven Helpful Ways to Calm Your Upset Cat

Cats are intriguing, intelligent, and habitual creatures, which makes them fascinating and loveable pets. But even with such impressive traits, they are sensitive. At one time or another, they can become stressed, agitated, or scared by certain things. As a cat parent, you must closely observe your cat’s body language to tell if they are suffering from stress, fear, or [...]

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Cat Fleas: Could Your Feral Cat Be Suffering in Silence?

Cat fleas are nothing short of a nuisance to our felines and us alike. And going by the fact that they can infest your kitty without your knowledge, it’s crucial to check on the well-being of your lifelong companion repetitively. Besides causing irritation and seeing your furry friend as a yummy snack, fleas can transmit diseases to cats. They quickly [...]

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Five Excellent Tips to Improve Your Cat's Immune System

When it comes to good health in cats, immunity is key. As cat owners we think about bolstering our own immune systems, but we can overlook this vital issue in our lovely cats. Fortunately, this article highlights several steps that cat owners can take to boost their kitty's immune system, strengthen their natural defenses, and help them fight diseases.Here [...]

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Microchipping Your Feral Cat

If you've ever lost your cat, you know how stressful the experience can turn out to be. If not, just the thought of your cat not making it home can be equally disturbing. Regardless of our search efforts, it's important to note that many cats are never reunited with their owners. Instead, they find themselves ending up in shelters [...]

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9 Beneficial Plants Your Feral Cat Will Love

Plants provides many health benefits— not just for humans but even for cats! After some digging, cat owners will be amazed to learn what several plants can do for their kitty. The best and safest plants or herbs for cats are proven to positively stimulate cats, reduce stress, aid with ailments, and boost immunity. We've compiled an assortment of [...]

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Don’t Do These Seven Things to Your Cat

As a cat owner, it's pretty easy to talk about the things you need to do to have your kitty happy and fulfilled and do them. And of course, we end up doing them quite well. But what about the things you should stop doing to benefit your cat?If you're trying to be a responsible and better cat [...]

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Top 7 Ways to Show Your Cats You Love Them

Curious about ways to express love to your fur baby? We've all been there! Cats are wonderful pets. They can be a lifelong companion - the more reason you need to show them love every day. If you're wondering how to show affection to your cat, we've outlined the best tips to show love to your kitty.1. Give your Cat Special [...]

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Top 6 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Feral Cat

Neutering or spaying is a common medical procedure through which feral cats are sterilized. When male cats are sterilized, the surgery is called neutering, whereas, in female cats, it is called spaying. While having adorable kittens running around your house is surely exciting, spaying or neutering is more beneficial to both you and your cat's life.To prove this, here [...]

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