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Five Common Ways Feral Cats Get Lost

Feral cats are pros at finding their way back home. With strong instincts, habits, and a perfect sense of direction, very few other animals can match their internal guidance system. But despite this fact, the truth is— feral cats may encounter some challenges out there and fail to find their way back home. A lost cat is both an [...]

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7 Critical Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Feral Cat

For some people, their feral cat doesn’t adopt them by showing up on the doorstep one day. Instead, these caring people go looking for feral cats and provide a loving home for those feline friends. When we decide about getting or adopting a pet cat, most of us rarely think about everything that comes along with the 'cat' [...]

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Cat Feeding: Weather-Friendly Feeding Stations/Shelters for Feral Cats

Whether you own one or a few feral cats, feeding them outside is a lovely activity that both of you look forward to daily. But with all that joy and satisfaction of watching your cats feed comes a few headaches. For instance, feeding them on dishes, bowls, or on the floor can sometimes be annoying, especially if you have [...]

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Want to Get a Feral Cat? Six Cat Breeds That Do Well Outdoors

Cats make purrfect and pawsome pets. They spoil us with affection and companionship every day. Most feral cats pick you, a stray cat in the neighborhood that just shows up at your door one day. But if you were going to go looking for an outdoor cat, here are some breeds that do better than others in outdoor situations.Cat breeds that are [...]

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Five Tips to Keep Your Feral Cat Cool in the Summer

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons and for many, the best season. With it, gone are the cold and chilly days and warmer, brighter, and longer days are a welcome relief. As much as the summer is pleasing, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Summer days sometimes reach extreme temperatures and no one is [...]

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Spoil Your Feral Cat with these ‘Purr fect’ Gifts To Use in Their Outdoor Cat Houses

When you think of giving, buying something for your outdoor cat isn’t something that instantly comes to mind. What’s more, some feral cat owners find it challenging to get their cat a gift, because their cats love the outdoors. Though taking care of your feral cat and loving them does the job, a personalized gift is something that will surely [...]

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Cat Safety: Tips to Ensure Your Feral Cat is Safe When Outdoors

While the outdoors is ideal for cats, all too often, safety becomes a huge concern. The thoughts of whether your cat will come back in one piece can be disturbing. Why? Because the big, wide world is a dangerous place! Dangers range from other cats and creatures, to cars and people. There’s no shortage of potential cat threats lurking [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Cat!

Cats are one of the most popular pets across the world. And while the basket of various household pets available to choose from is full, there’s a reason why many people pick cats as their ultimate pets. Talk about the brilliant companions! Such a sweet, tender, loveable, and independent nature. You’ve got to love these furry creatures. While imperfect, [...]

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Five Amazing Outdoor Solutions for Cats and Dogs

Since feral pets love spending their time outdoors, it makes perfect sense to provide them with a comfortable place where they can relax when enjoying time outside. If you have always thought of building or purchasing a house or shelter for your outdoor pet but haven’t yet done so, UnderCover Pet Houses can help you make that dream a [...]

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READ YOUR CAT'S MOOD! Pay Attention to These 8 Signals

One of the essential skills cat owners can possess is the ability to read their kitty's mood and behavior. Reading your cat's temperament can seem challenging, mainly because your pretty kitty likes to be persistently independent and to do things their way. But understanding them is doable. Knowing how to read your cat's mood and communicate with them is [...]

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