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Surprising Things Most People Don't Know About Cats (2)

Our previous post looked at some surprising and weird cat facts. If you haven't read it, make sure you take a look. As earlier promised, this post covers other exciting revelations about your furry friend. Some might blow you away!1.  Cats Developed Meowing to Communicate Exclusively With PeopleContrary to belief, cats' meows aren't to communicate with each [...]

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8 Incredibly Surprising and Weird Facts about Cats (1)

Cute, delightful, fluffy, cuddly, mysterious and full of curiosity, cats are excellent companions. Your cat can brighten your day with their charm, melt your heart with their antics, and lift your spirits in times of despair. However, while most of us know a thing or two about cats, being adorable isn't the only thing that your feline friend has going [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Feline Arthritis

Arthritis is a common problem in cats, particularly in older ones. According to the FDA, a study diagnosed 74 out of 218 cats with osteoarthritis, signifying its growing prevalence. However, with cats being exceptionally good at naturally hiding pain and illness, arthritis though common can often and easily go unnoticed even for experienced cat parents and vets. By the time [...]

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Purchasing Outdoor Cat Houses: A Guide

Buying your outdoor cat their house is amazing. However, with so many choices, finding the right fit can be a challenge. Too often, cat parents rush into the process without having an idea what makes for the ideal outdoor cat house.In this article, we've highlighted the critical points in the cat house purchase process to prepare you for what can [...]

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11 Common Medical Emergencies That Every Cat Owner Should Know

Medical emergencies occur all the time, but sometimes cat owner can be hesitant and unaware of how grave the situation is. Every cat owner should know how to detect a medical emergency and when to seek immediate vet attention.Here are 11 of the most common emergencies that always warrant an immediate trip to your vet.1. Difficulty in BreathingBreathlessness is a severe life-threatening [...]

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Cat Tail Language: What It Means and How to Handle It

Do you know how to read and decode your cat's tail body language? It’s an essential cat parent skill. While your cat can't talk, they provide clues to help you understand what they're communicating.Your cat relies on an array of body language to get your attention. In particular, your cat's tail position provides one of the most significant insights into [...]

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Is Your Cat Bored? 6 Top Tips to Entertain Your Feral Cat

Going out is great for your feral cat, but they sometimes get bored and want to stay home. Should you notice any signs of boredom, there are lots of ways you can entertain your cat to provide them with mental and physical stimulation.Here are six top tips to keep your cat entertained. 1. Get Them Some ToysNo conversation about entertaining cats [...]

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Why Your Cat Licks You: Everything You Need to Know

Every cat parent a cat has had their cat adorably try to lick them, and with this comes many questions about why your cat licks you. While most associate it with affection, there are several reasons why your cat licks you.Here is everything you need to know about cat licks. To Show Affection, Social Bonding, [...]

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8 Cat Breeds That Could Get Along With Your Dog

If you love both cats and dogs, it's not easy choosing between the two as your companions. Given the general opinion that cats and dogs can't get along, you may be concerned about adding a cat to the family. But should you? Certainly not. Cats and dogs can peacefully coexist and even become inseparable friends. However, choosing the right cat breed [...]

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5 Tips for Having a Safe Easter Holiday with Your Cat

Easter holidays are a time for celebrations with family and friends — our felines included. With a wealth of surprises, including festive baskets, goodies, cute bunnies and pretty flowers, it promises to be an exciting festivity. But a few Easter goodies are toxic to cats.From potentially toxic foods and décor to stressful environments, here are five tips to ensure you have [...]

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