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3 Questions to Help You Find the Right Cat House

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Finding the perfect home for your feral cats may seem like a daunting task. After all, there are so many choices—plastic ones, wooden ones, platform houses, and even cat condos! 

The key to choosing the right cat house is asking the right questions.

According to the Regional Animal Services of Kings County, WA, it’s essential to provide a safe, warm shelter for your outdoor cats. Without a cat house, your outdoor cats are vulnerable to predators like foxes, wolves, and even eagles. 

Here are 3 key questions to ask when you’re shopping for cat houses for outdoor cats.

1. How many feral cats are you shopping for?

If you have just one feral cat, she would fit perfectly in one of our small insulated cedar cat houses. They are designed to comfortably house one cat (with lots of wiggle room).

If your outdoor cat is still a kitten, research what her adult size and weight will be. This information will help you choose an appropriate house.

If you have two or more cats, you will probably need to get a larger cat house. Why not choose one of the best cat houses? With options ranging from double decker to duplex, your cats will love the extra space! You can house up to four cats in a single house.

2. What climate zone do you live in?

Depending on which region of the country you live in, you may experience winters of subfreezing temperatures, icicles, and harsh snowstorms. Or your winters may be mild and balmy, with the occasional dusting of snow.

If you live in a mild climate, your cat will be perfectly comfortable in an insulated cat house.

If your climate includes harsh winters, we recommend that you add a heating pad for insulated cat houses to provide maximum comfort.

3. What kind of door are you looking for?

Some cats prefer a round door, while others are happy with a traditional rectangular door. When you’re shopping for cat houses for outdoor cats, look for a manufacturer that gives you options to customize.

You could order a round door and add on a vinyl door flap for easy access.

Or, you could get an extra door added to the back to give your kitty peace of mind.

All of these options are available at Undercover Pet Houses.

What are you waiting for? Why not order one of our fantastic cat houses for outdoor cats today?

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